Syllie G
SylvioN is born and raised as Sylvion Gaddum in Amsterdam.
As a baby he only stopped crying when the music was playing… was clear that a music lover was brought into this world.
As a youngster he developed a great love for funk soul and early disco. He started a Drive-In Show with his high-school buddies and played at numerous parties.
During his military service in Germany, he didn’t dj much, but he listened a lot to the popular blackmusic radio-stations there. It made him even more eager to get back on the decks!
At that time, famous DJ/MC Ja-Yson played at the trendy Café Zola in the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam and Sylvion got the chance to fill in for him every once in a while.
A year later he started playing at parties and in loads of other clubs and finally changed his DJ name to Syllie G.
By now he’s a well-known face in dj-land and everywhere he performs the responses are amazing. His groovy dj-style is massively embraced by a large crowd.
Now a days he is one of the few all-round DJ’s in the business. He knows how to please his crowd with the variety of different kind of styles. From all sorts of House until Disco, Funk, Swing beat, Latin, Soul, Reggae, Top 40, R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Moombahton etc. Doing Sets from one- till more than 4 hours is no problem for him without any concession to the vibe he needs to create.
He currently holds residencies at Groovers (Groovy Club Concept), Best Of Old Skool B.O.O.S. (Old Skool Club Concept), Masters of Luxury, Westerpodium (Kingsnight & Day)

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